At Telenor Youth Forum, sixteen youth propose four digital solutions to health’s biggest challenges
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At Telenor Youth Forum, sixteen youth propose four digital solutions to health’s biggest challenges

Telenor Youth Forum holds its Oslo finale today, showcasing four new ideas that leverage mobile and digital technology to benefit human health.

Sixteen Telenor Youth Forum delegates (for the 2018-2019 programme)have worked over the last four days in Oslo to develop solutions aimed to reduce inequalities within global health. These health-related challenges are to optimise agriculture, ensure clean water, reduce the rise of non-communicable diseases and support a growing elderly population. Today four teams of delegates pitched their proposals to a jury, which included UNICEF’s Director for Corporate Partnerships & Innovation Amer Farid, SHE CEO Susanne Kaluza, Telenor Group EVP &Head of People, CecilieHeuch, and Telenor Health Chief Growth Officer Matthew Guilford.

“Every year, we run the Telenor Youth Forum to give a global platform to passionate youth who want to start change in the world. We run this programme in collaboration with the Nobel Peace Center, during the time of the Nobel Peace Prize. Our goal is to connect these young leaders with the resources and expertise needed to develop sustainable, digital solutions to urgent social challenges, and we are excited about their proposals,” said SigveBrekke, Telenor Group President and CEO.

“We wish this year’s Telenor Youth Forum delegates the best of luck and hope that their innovative digital solutions will contribute considerably to reducing inequalities within global health. We’re especially excited to see the Pakistani delegates working on clean water for all and non-communicable disease risk mitigation projects and hope that their solutions will help those who need it the most. We are confident that through Telenor Youth Forum, we will be able to shape a better future that holds

more opportunities and less challenges for our generations to come,” said Irfan Wahab Khan, CEO, Telenor Pakistan.

Health’s omnipresence as a topic and its direct relationship with development, societal empowerment and human equality is why the Telenor Youth Forum has selected it as this year’s theme and focus.

The TYF 2018-2019 delegates propose…

Addressing the agricultural challenge, TYF delegates, Sameen Alam (Bangladesh), Rachel Loh (Malaysia), Ingrid Rasmussen (Denmark) and Emilie Udnæs (Norway), propose a digital collaboration platform which enables small-scale farmers to team up to rate and sell their crops to middlemen, magnify their bargaining power and share transport costs. It also reduces biases against women farmers by withholding information about the gender of the farmer, focusing only on the quality of the crops, prices and transport.
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