China played a crucial role in Trump- Kim Summit: Javed Jabbar
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China played a crucial role in Trump- Kim Summit: Javed Jabbar

By Farhan ahmed Khan KARACHI: The summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean President Kim Jong-Un will decide new directions of conflict resolution in the work.China had played a crucial role regarding the summit between the two leaders.     These views were expressed by former federal information minister and Senator Javed Jabbar while speaking on The summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean President Kim Jong-un and its impact on world politics, at Pakistan Institute of International Affairs (PIIA) on June 30th, 2018. Although no concrete decision was taken at this summit, however many unusual points were included in the declaration of this meeting. It was not expected to have any great impact globally. Here is the USA, the bully telling little North Korea to denuclearize and putting undue focus on them while forgetting about the other nuclear weapon states,Javed Jabbar said. It was a good sign that two leaders sat together and discussed various issues to improve the situation. A one-on-one meeting was also held. He said there was no commitment from any side regarding de-nuclearization of the Korean peninsula. He said North Korea isverysmall economy as compared to South Korea. According to data, the North Korean GDP was around $25 billion while the South Korean economy was over $1.4 trillion. In the same way, the living standard of people in South Korea was very much better than the people in North Korea. The second regional implication, he said, was that US aid going to South Korea. The third one was about the relations between America and China and Chinas relationship with both North and South Koreas. The fourth implication was the intense relationship of both Koreas with Japan during World War II with the fifth one having to do with Russias helping North Korea in the war against the US. The sixth implication could be the fallout on ASEAN countries while the seventh would be how all the countries of the world were affected in the global context of the summit. It is for the first time in the nuclear weapon history that such a small country such as North Korea decides to threaten America. You dont see small countries with small populations and a deficient economy challenging giants, he said. Finally, he pointed out that the summit would only have an impact in the bilateral sense as it would ease some tension between North Korea and America. The world, meanwhile, will have to do its own work to protect itself from nuclear weapons. Responding a query, Javed Jabbar said Pakistan and India had shown the extraordinary maturity of holding nuclear weapons. He said Pakistans nuclear weapons are very much safe and secured. Chairperson of PIIA, Dr Masuma Hasan also spoke on this occasion and thanked the guests for attending this event. The lecture was followed by a comprehensive questions-answers session.
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