Ex Ambassador Karamatullah Ghauri address on The Arab World in Turmoil
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Ex Ambassador Karamatullah Ghauri address on The Arab World in Turmoil

KARACHI: – Pakistani’s former ambassador Karamatullah Ghauri delivered lecture on ‘The Arab World on Turmoil’ on 31st March, 2018 at the Pakistan Institute of International Affairs (PIIA). He said, Pakistan’s role in the Iran–Saudi Arabia imbroglio should just be that of a peacemaker and not an actively aligned party as the latter could boomerang on her interests. Talking about the Middle East situation in general, he said it was a particularly complicated affair and termed it an “enigma wrapped in a riddle”. “We have no problem with Iran. Besides, we share a long border and are culturally more akin to Iran than to Saudi Arabia. As for Saudi Arabia, it is a matter of economic expediency. There are 1.5 million Pakistani expatriates working in Saudi Arabia who remit hundreds of thousands back home, thus buttressing the foreign exchange reserves of the country. As such, it would be utter folly if we were to get involved in a military campaign,” said Ghauri. The former envoy stated that the main bone of contention in the Iran-Saudi conflict was the Saudi fear of Iran becoming a nuclear power. He also highlighted the fact that, today, Saudi Arabia was one of the top clients for US weapons. Speaking about the Iraq War, Ghauri maintained that the plan to attack Iraq was based on a purely trumped up issue (the weapons of mass destruction) and was a design of the US Neocons who were looking to use Iraq and its oil wealth as a launching pad for total world domination.
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