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Karachi Laughter Fest 2019 play ‘Biwi Ho Tou Apni’

Karachi Laughter Festival was organised from 10-20 January 2019 at NAPA- National Acadamy of Performing Arts. On 13 & 14 January, a comedy theatre play ” Biwi Ho Tou Apni” was presented. It is directed by Aisha Hasan and written by a legendary actor and playwriter Kamal Ahmed Rizvi.

It was well received by the audience as the theatre was echoed with waves of laughter and giggles. Kamal Ahmed Rizvi script is well directed and executed by young director Aisha Hasan. The acting of all the artists was good according to their respective roles.

Saleem is fifty years old, lives with his servant Shakoor, and has affairs with the wives of his friends Farooq and Manzoor. He decides to marry fifteen years old Amina and embark on a happy married life. Unfortunately, things go wrong when Amina’s parents, Mr & Mrs Abdul Qudoos decides to live with their daughter, and Saleem starts having a difficult time living with his own wife!

Aisha Hasan, a NAPA graduate, is a young talented director and actor, who has acted in the NAPA Repertory Theater plays Bandhan and Khel Khel Main. Most recently, she acted in a play with Qissa Kahani at MAD School.

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