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Odissi Classical Dance

KARACHI:- Tehrik-e-Niswan in collaboration with Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi organized ‘Odissi Classical Dance’ evening dedicated to Mr. and Mrs. Ghanshyam  by Sheema Kermani and her students on 24-25 December 2018 at Arts Council Karachi.

The dances which were present including the pure dance like Manglacharan, Batu, Sthayee, Pallavi, Abhinaya and the musical interlude like Abhinaya and Moksha. Sheema dance students who presented their performance were Muhammad Asif, Kaif Ghaznavi, Madiha Pervaiz, Dawood Bhatti and Anjaleen Agrawala, while the Shai Qazi and Haris Khan were the vocalists of the event.

Odissi is one of the many different styles of classical dance including ‘Tandava’ which is the heroic, bold and vigorous while ‘Lasya’ is soft and lyrical. It is perhaps one of the oldest classical dance styles tracing its origins to the posture of the dancing figure figurine of Mohenjodaro and many other sculpture and literary evidences.

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