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‘Pakistani Narrative in the light of CPEC’. Prof. Dr. Shadab Ahsani

‘We must initiate the Pakistani-Narrative in unison to face the global challenges, while carrying out the CPEC activities, promptly’—-Prof. Dr. Shadab Ahsani (Zulqarnain Ahmed)

Pak-China Literary Association holds exclusive lecture on ‘Pakistani Narrative in the light of CPEC’. Speaker: Prof. Dr. Shadab Ahsani (Zulqarnain Ahmed)

Karachi-24th February 2019-(PR) Pak-China Literary Association中巴文学论坛 has arranged an exclusive lecture on ‘The Pakistani-Narrative in the light of CPEC’ to highlight the importance of the ever-changing global scenario, with specific reference to the gigantic plan of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), at Agosh Villa, the residence of Zahid Husain Johari, the Vice President of the Association and himself a well-known literary figure.

The Guest Speaker, Dr. Shadab Ahsani (Zulqarnain Ahmed), former Head of Urdu Department, University of Karachi, Pakistan shed light on the definition, the background and the foreground of the very topic, while focussing more on the necessity of unison among the people of Pakistan in this regard. He said, should we not adopt an specific narrative, we would be in the ‘Dark age’. He was of the view that Pakistan needs a crystal clear and collective approach to counter the challenges, being faced by its people. 

Zahid Husain Johari, has conducted the proceedings and has also shared his meaningful thoughts, with especial reference to the tragic history of Dhaka Fall.

The founding President of theپاک چین بزم ادب Pak-China Literary Association
中巴文学论坛 and the Founding Editor, Hum Rekaab (The Fellow Rider同伴骑士) has introduced his brainchild, while welcoming the audience and kept them abreast of the common hurdles in launching such a unique multi-lingual literary magazine, after another of its kind, Haiku Internation (1998-2008), which created some world records.

The Chief Guest, Mehjabeen Ghazal Ansari, a famous poetess has briefly addressed the gathering and recited a distinctive Ghazal, in connection with the unity, union and unison.

Mr. Nasir Shamsi, a well-known critic and penman has read out his brief essay on the topic, while Mr. Javed Husain Siddiqui, an active worker for the cause of Pakistani-Narrative has also shared his feelings about the topic and co-related issues.

Prof. Rais Alvi,the Patron of Pak-China Literary Association has made a WhatsApp call from Australia and expressed his views on the topic under discussion, besides congratulating سہیل احمد صدیقی, the President and the entire team on the successful arrangement of the event.

张世选-Intikhab Alam, the Mentor of Pak-China Literary Association has sent his message through WeChat, extending his felicitations to سہیل احمد صدیقی, the President and others.

Shahabuddin Shahab, the Adviser of the Association has extended gratitude to the audience, at the end.

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