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SIUT’s Volunteer Program brings a positive change in the life of participants

The certificate awarding ceremony of SIUTs students voluntary summer program was heldat SIUT marking the conclusion of the 50thbatch of a week-long exercise of community services.

These week-long programs, which are organized by SIUT, are conducted during the summer and winter vacations for the educational institutions of the country with an aim to motivate and train students to perform civic duties and community services for the society at large.

The closing ceremony of the program was presided over by Professor Adib Rizvi Director SIUT, prominent social worker Ms. Kishwer Zehra founder of student volunteer program of SIUT.

Highlighting the importance of volunteerism in society Prof. AdibRizvireminded the volunteers that they have heavy responsibilityon their shoulders as they to tackle a variety of issues which are confronted to society. ranging from poverty, well-being and health care of people. He said the basic principles of any community services is based on compassion and commitment.

Kishwar Zehra also underscored the importance of social responsibilityin any society and asked the volunteers that benefits of their training program must go to the people particularly those who are less privileged. She said “serving the people is like a worship”.

Professor Anwar Naqvi recounted the background of SIUT volunteer program and an overwhelming response which was always received from the public.

During the training which spanned for 30 hours, the students of high school, intermediate and O/A level hailing fromall major schools and colleges were attached with various departments including OPDs, radiology, clinical laboratory, oncology, dialysis, transplantation, lithotripsy, medical and surgical sciences.The participants also engaged themselves with the admitted patients as well as the outpatients besides the children patients.

A number of 176students participated in this 50thbatch making the grand total of 6136 students who have so far benefited from thisprogram since its inception in 2006.

The certificate awarding ceremony included junior & senior volunteer’s speeches, patient performances,life stories of transplant/ dialysis patients andcertificate and gifts distribution.

Concluding ceremony was largely attended by teachers, parents, students and staff members of SIUT including doctors.

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