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Stress Management at Arts Council Karachi

Karachi: Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi organized a session on Stress Management in coordination with the Pakistan Association for Mental Health on Friday 04th January at council premises. The event was chaired by Dr Haroom Kamal and President Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi Muhammad Ahmed Shah.

Dr Shahid, Dr Mahrukh Iftikhar and Dr Saima Qurashi addressed at this occasion. Dr Haroon Kamal said that mental stress changed the behaviour of human which leads to fear and anxiety and due to mental stress a man can change his mode and do different things which he was not used to prior. Some people become an addict and some others try to find peace in the religion. He said that in the previous year 77 people suicides at Tharr where 67 ended their life at Umar Koat due to stress. When a person commits suicides due to mental stress it encourages the other people also to do the same in order to get rid of their problems.

To reduce stress man should bring himself close to nature, and at least should give half hour daily to himself. President arts council of Pakistan Karachi Muhammad Ahmed Shah said that we are living in a strange society where a normal person cannot live normally, almost every person in Pakistan is suffering from any kind of mental stress, we should not end the hope of life. He appreciated the efforts of Dr Haroon Kamal for doing such a great job of making Pakistan and the world a stress-free place. On the occasion, Dr Mahrukh Iftikhar and Dr Siama Qurashi did an exercise of stress management in which the other people also participated. 

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