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The Future of Current Stand-off between India and Pakistan

Karachi: An event to discuss, ‘ The future of current stand-off between India and Pakistan’ was organized at the Pakistan Institute of  International Affairs (PIIA) at their library on March 16, 2019. Retired Lt Gen Tariq Waseem Ghaziand ambassador Najmuddin Shaikh were the distinguished speaker at this occasion.

AmbassadorNajmuddin Sheikh said The probability of a major armed clash between Pakistan and India seems to be receding and all chances seem to suggest that due to the intervention of certain foreign quarters, the standoff between the two countries has begun to subside.

“We should also not underestimate the significance of Kartarpur where the Indian government is said to be building a state-of-the-art facility worth $180 million for the pilgrims, which Pakistan would also reciprocate,” he said.

“Also there was no substantial damage done and Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan also defused the situation. Now there is no confrontation likely. Modi, too, needs to do no more for his election campaign,” he pointed out.

He said that one Adil Ahmed Dar was arrested on September 10, 2017. Was he the same Adil Ahmed Dar that had been pinpointed by the US State Department dispatch? There has been no proof forthcoming from the Jaish-e-Muhammad (JeM). Who is this Dar? He has been reported to be on the move constantly. Is he related to the Dar the US has pointed out? All the people pointed out are from India-held Kashmir and not from Pakistan as the Indian media would have the world believe, but they had no links with the (JeM).

Thus, he said, the JeM had offered India and the world a propaganda victory. “Objective reality is much more important than perception,” Sheikh said.

Lt-Gen Tariq Waseem Ghazi said, “We have to look at the Indian government’s structure and the nature of the Indian decision-making process.”

“The trigger for the recent escalation between Pakistan and India is Pulwama, and Pulwama had nothing to do with us. It was nurtured and home-grown in India. It would be impossible to rig a vehicle so heavily with explosives in a high security area.,” he said.

Gen Ghazi then reminded about the hype created by India earlier too about some surgical strikes in Pakistan, which he said was a lie. “But the whole thing was so hyped up by India that their people really thought that their forces came into the country via helicopters, attacked installations before being ‘helicoptered’ back.

The Indians, he said, made a miscalculation by concluding that Pakistan would not react to any military action. The Pakistan government, he said, felt that a stop had to be put to such happenings. We had to assess the results. He asked if the Pakistani move had been able to quell the public support to Modi.

“Shifting and shutting of madrasas should have been done much earlier. Now the Indians are reaping a propaganda victory because Modi has achieved what he wanted.

“Kashmir is not going to die now. It is going to be the centrepiece. The India-Israel nexus is going to figure prominently,” he said.

The speeches were followed by question-answer session. The event was attended by members of the PIIA and people from different walk of life.

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