Karachi, February 26: Aiming to make Pakistan an information technology (IT) hub and build capacity of IT industry to produce thousands of jobs for youth following vision of present government, first Digital Pakistan Conference is going to be held in the mid of April this year.

National IT companies, academia and experts are ready to help federal and provincial governments especially in Sindh to achieve this goal for which every stakeholder should come up to join hands.

This was shared by members of the Advisory Board of first Digital Pakistan Conference at a press briefing held to announce this first of its kind event. Conference is being organized on April 15, 2020 in Karachi by AMFCO Technologies in collaboration with IBA-CICT as academic partner and ISACA Karachi Chapter as supporting body. Other partners of this conference includes SmartStream, Infrasol, NDC/Temenos, DELL, Viper Technology, Dellsons Associates and few more from private and public sectors.

Press Conference was addressed by Mr. Maroof Ayub, CEO – AMFCO Technologies, Mr. Khushnood Aftab, CEO – Viper Technology, Mr. Amin Ibrahim, Chairman – Dellsons Associates,

Mr. Hussein Hassan Ali, President – ISACA Karachi & GM – Head of IT Audit at Habib Bank Limited (HBL), Mr. Rahim Ahmed, Director Business Development – Infrasol and Mr. Haider Devjianie, Consultant – NIFT.

“We are striving to make Pakistan a digital country by supporting digitization actions. Digital economy is based on digital computing technologies, although we increasingly perceive this as conducting business through markets based on the internet and the world-wide web. It is a growing industry world over. We are far behind from other countries of the world but nevertheless we are now on track,” Said advisory board members.

Mr. Maroof Ayub told that following government vision, Digital Pakistan Conference will bring industry stakeholders, experts, academia and officials on a single platform to play our role in achieving this goal.

“Digital economy in Pakistan has huge potential for creating millions of jobs and boosting the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) up to billions in next couple of years. Transformation is required to promote the information, communications and technology sectors to make Pakistan’s position in digital economy,” he added.

Mr. Maroof Ayub told that IT industry leader and officials along with IT professionals from different sectors will be part of this grand event.

Mr. Khushnood Aftab, CEO – Viper Technologies said that first digital Pakistan conference will be a breakthrough in the digital economy of country and pave a way forward in achieving development targets. “Now our people specially youth in remote areas and villages can ear money from their homes by just taking benefit of digitization,” he added.

Mr. Amin Ibrahim, Chairman – Dellsons Associates said that the government current initiatives to develop this sector to its full potential and industry experts appreciate its efforts.

Mr. Hussein Hassan Ali, President – ISACA Karachi & GM – Head of IT Audit at Habib Bank Limited (HBL) said that banking sector is playing very important role in promoting digitization in Pakistan which is not only enhancing economy but also providing jobs.

Mr. Rahim Ahmed, Director Business Development – Infrasol said that conference is aiming to provide opportunities to underprivileged youth to harness their potential for growth of national economy. “There are people who have resources and those who have skills on other side. We will connect them together to achieve digital Pakistan goal,” he added.

Mr. Haider Devjianie, Consultant – NIFT said that digitization had already provided ease in lives of common people right from ordering food online and making payments online to banking on a click. “This industry has a lot of opportunities further which can make lives more easier,” he noted.

Farhan Khan

Farhan Khan

Mr. Farhan Khan, holding a Master’s in Public Administration (MPA) in 1st Division from the University of Karachi. Farhan Khan has got rich experience in Communications, Public relations and Media, with some excellent communication, writing, managerial and reporting skills.


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